How do I get MahaDAO coins?

How to buy MahaDAO

What is a Valuecoin?

The valuecoin gives holders’ financial freedom with zero volatility, as it is value-stable and controlled by its community via a separate governance token, with holders able to vote on savings rates, stability fees, direction, strategy and future developments for the ARTH token.

MahaDAO: The Future Vision

What is Arth crypto?

ARTH is a stablecoin which is backed by yield bearing tokens and governance tokens, with an algorithimatic price peg that appreciates in a bull market but remains stable in a bear market. Read Documentation. Imagine.

Whats the cheapest coin in the world?

The lowest-value coin of all is the Tiyin from Uzbekistan. Some 3,038 equate to one UK penny (and 2,000 tot up to one US cent). In practice, however, while these coins are legal tender, you would struggle to find them in everyday life.

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What is the least valuable coin?

Uzbeki Tiyin

What coin is worth less than a penny?

Half cent (United States coin)

What is MAHA?