How much is Origo?

The price of 1 Origo currently costs $0.000361.

Who uses Origo?

Our Customers

What do Origo do?

Origo is an independent online transfer service for pension savings. Many pension providers, including us, use this service to transfer money securely and efficiently. It cuts down paperwork and speeds up transfer times.

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How long does an Origo transfer take?

Transfers can be completed in minutes. Automatically send and receive information from your back office and feed that information directly into our Transfer Service without the need for re-keying any data.

Does Fidelity use Origo?

Fidelity will use the ‘Origo Integration Hub’, which means advisers’ back-office software systems must link with this hub in order for the straight through processing to work.

Is Vanguard on Origo?

Vanguard is the latest company to join the Origo Transfer Index (OTI), the voluntary index set up by Origo to increase transparency in the transfer market and help improve industry performance and customer outcomes.

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What does Origo stand for?


Does Royal London use Origo?

Royal London uses Origo for both open market option and transfers across the business, the one exception being the former CIS business where Origo has historically not been used for transfers.

What companies use nest?

Companies using Origo Options

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Does Aviva use Origo?

Aviva, one of the largest providers of workplace pensions in the UK, has introduced automated bulk transfers using the Origo Options Bulk Transfers service to quickly and securely transfer schemes with hundreds of members.

Do Scottish Widows use Origo?

This transfer service is known as Origo. It allows us to request a transfer for you.

Does Quilter use Origo?

Approximately 70% of the transfers we process are undertaken using the Origo Transfer Service.

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Does Nest pension use Origo?

Nest uses a service called Origo Options to process transfers quickly and efficiently. We’ll check if your other pension provider also uses this service. If they don’t, we’ll send you a transfer form to complete by your preferred mode of communication.

Are Standard Life on Origo?

Origo provides a range of online agency services. Origo is the Industry sponsored company which provides online standards and services to the UK life, pensions and investment sectors. Standard Life is a supporter of these services, which allow you to register and administer agencies across a number of providers.

Does legal and general use Origo?

Legal & General has announced the launch of Track My Apps, a new tracking service from industry FinTech company Origo, which will support advisers selling its retirement income range of products from fixed-term annuities to lifetime annuities.

Does Hargreaves Lansdown use Origo?

Hargreaves Lansdown has again been named the slowest provider to switch pensions through the Origo transfer service, but overall transfer times have improved in the 12 months to 31 March.