What is Galatasaray fan token?

$GAL is the name of the only official Galatasaray Fan Token. Fan Tokens are digital assets that never expire. Think of them as your traditional membership, only with voting rights on official club decisions, unrivalled access to your team and incredible once in a lifetime experiences. Nevermind.

What is Gal crypto coin?

Project Galaxy (GAL) is an Ethereum token that powers Project Galaxy, a network for on- and off-chain credentials (such as for credit scoring applications). GAL can be used to pay for access to credential data, can be staked by curators validating the network, and can be used to vote on the future of the network.

Is gal a good Cryptocurrency?

GAL cryptocurrency since its development has consistently made a good name for itself in the crypto industry, which makes it a crypto project with a good use case worth investing in.

How many gal coin are there?

The total supply of GAL tokens stands at 200,000,000 with the circulating supply currently at 35,161,333.00 GAL.

Where can I buy Project Galaxy token?

The Project Galaxy token GAL is available to buy on several cryptocurrency exchanges. Its launch on both Binance and Coinbase, albeit in the more experimental sections, sent its price soaring upon the listing.

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What is Project Galaxy built for?

What Is Project Galaxy? Project Galaxy is the most expansive Web 3.0 credential data network available. The purpose of networks like Project Galaxy is to help projects and developers use NFTs and digital credentials to build stronger communities and products.

Will Project Galaxy go up?

The forecaster’s GAL coin price for 2025 is $5.70, heading up to $13.25 in 2030. PricePrediction.net’s Project Galaxy price prediction for 2030 currently stands at $136.61, representing potential investor gains of 4,744% over eight years. GAL coin will trade sideways throughout 2022 according to CryptoPredictions.

What will be the price of project galaxy?

The live price of Project Galaxy is $ 3.7675077 per (GAL / USD) today with a current market cap of $ 132.47M USD. 24-hour trading volume is $ 59.52M USD.

Will gal coin go up?

The forecaster’s GAL crypto price prediction suggested that the coin’s average price could hit $3.19 in 2022, $3.59 in 2023, $3.86 in 2024, $4.63 in 2025, $4.36 in 2026, $5.89 in 2027, $7.44 in 2028, $9.73 in 2029, $11.19 in 2030 and $13.05 in 2031.

Will gal go up?

TechNewsLeader’s GAL price prediction was the most bullish in the market. It forecast the GAL price could rise to $9.16 in 2022 and continue climbing to $13.44 by 2023, $20.89 in 2024, $30.36 in 2025, $44.11 in 2026, $63.46 in 2027, $92.20 in 2028, $133.97 in 2029, $192.76 in 2030 and $280.03 in 2031.

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How do I get Galatasaray tokens?

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What is Gal in Binance?

Galatasaray Fan Token (GAL) Price, Chart & News | Binance: Galatasaray Fan Token price, GAL price, Galatasaray Fan Token value. Blockchain and crypto asset exchange. Blockchain and crypto education. Link.

When was Gala coin launched?

18 September 2020

How do I invest in project galaxy?

Create a free account on the Binance website or the app.

How many protocols and organizations are thriving via Project Galaxy?

300 protocols

When was Gala coin launched?

18 September 2020