What is INTER Milan Fan token?

The INTER Fan Token allows Inter Milan fans to have a tokenized share of influence on club decisions, purchased through the consumer facing platform, Socios.com, fans can engage in a wide variety of club decisions for example, choosing a goal celebration song or deciding which MMA fighters should face off and in doing …

How much is an Inter fan token?

$3.361951 per INTER

Is Inter fan token on Binance?

24-hour trading volume is $ 663,424.46 USD. INTER to USD price is updated in real-time. Inter Milan Fan Token is -0.33% in the last 24 hours….INTER Price Live Data.

Inter Milan (INTER) Fan Token Explained Simply

Where can I buy Inter Milan fan tokens?

You can purchase $INTER Fan Tokens directly from the Socios.com app using $CHZ, our in-app currency. Think of $CHZ as like a foreign currency when you go on holiday. First, you buy $CHZ, then simply exchange them for $INTER Fan Tokens. You can purchase $CHZ using your debit or credit card.

Who is Inter Milan shirt sponsor?

Suning’s e-commerce site, Suning.com, has a training kit sponsorship deal with Inter since December 2016 worth €16m per year, which sees Suning.com’s logo appear on the front of Inter’s training kits. The two last renewed their deal in July 2020 in an agreement that currently runs through 2022.

Can you sell fan tokens?

Once you acquire Fan Tokens, they are yours to use over and over again. But, just like any asset, they can be bought and sold.

Fan token $INTER, MILAN e JUVE: cosa sono? Con @The Crypto Gateway – Investire in Criptovalute

How do you get fan tokens?

Fan Tokens are purchased directly through the Socios.com app with $CHZ, the application’s native cryptocurrency, which you can easily buy with your credit or debit card. Buy only the amount of $CHZ necessary to acquire the Fan Tokens you want.

What is NFT in Crypto?

Non-fungible tokens, often referred to as NFTs, are blockchain-based tokens that each represent a unique asset like a piece of art, digital content, or media. An NFT can be thought of as an irrevocable digital certificate of ownership and authenticity for a given asset, whether digital or physical.

What is Juventus fan token?

Juventus Fan Token (JUV) is a utility token that gives Juventus Football Club fans a tokenised share of influence on various club decisions via the Socios platform. Socios is a blockchain-based fan engagement and rewards platform for sports and entertainment organisations powered by Chiliz (CHZ).

Inter Milan Fan Token Price Prediction 2022, 2025, 2030 INTER Price Forecast Cryptocurrency Price

Should I invest in fan tokens?

Fan tokens can be good investments for fans that want the chance to meaningfully engage with their favourite sports teams. While a secondary market does exist, fan tokens were not created for the purpose of generating profit for its holders.

Can you make money from fan tokens?

Tokenization is not stopping at soccer either. By purchasing tokens, fans can participate in the success of their favorite club and even have a bit of a say. With soccer cryptos, you’re in on it financially….Football fan tokens – the list.

What is fans only coin?

OFC is a deflationary token that will be used for custom content and sexting currency on our NSFW content platforms.

How To Buy Inter Milan Fan Token – Safe Quick Guide

Will fan tokens go up?

The Paris Saint-Germain fan token prediction from DigitalCoinPrice was bullish however, projecting that the coin could rise to an average price of $14.48 by 2025 and $36.63 by 2030, up from $10.03 in 2022, based on historical data.

How do clubs make money from fan tokens?

Fees. Depending on how it is structured, teams receive a majority percentage of the transaction in the initial release of the fan token. They then get fees in relation to fan tokens involving their club. Socios.com makes money via marketplace trading fees, as well as all subfeatures of the app have fees.

Which teams have fan tokens?

The teams are the Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Chargers, Los Angeles Rams, Miami Dolphins, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Washington Commanders.