What is Kishu Inu coin used for?

Kishu Inu is a community-driven, decentralized platform that functions with the Ethereum-based KISHU token. This token can be exchanged through the Kishu Swap DEX. It may also be used to purchase NFTs, and it may be earned with the Kishu Inu reward mechanism.

Is Kishu Inu a good investment?

Currently, Kishu is showing slow growth and has lost its value by 90%. If there is a bull rally in 2023, the KISHU Inu may recover some value.

What is Kishu Inu coin worth?

1 KISHU = 0.0000000004489 USD.

Will Kishu Inu coin reach $1?

The circulating supply of KISHU Inu coins is 100 Quadrillion. According to some Kishu Inu Forecast reports, reaching $1 is almost impossible for Kishu Inu. Kishu team needs to burn more than 80% of tokens to reach such a price.

Does KISHU have a future?

According to our projections, KISHU will be green in 2026. The KISHU is expected to reach and surpass its all-time high in 2026. In 2026, the virtual currency will be worth $0.00000000216954, with a minimum price of $0.00000000192848 and an average price of $0.0000000020249.

Interview of Kishu Inu at Crypto Expo Dubai 2022.

Is Kishu Inu going on Binance?

Kishu Inu price is updated and available in real-time on Binance.

Who is the founder of KISHU?

KISHU INU has no owners, is completely decentralized, and is backed by a community of users.

Is Kishu Inu listed on Binance?

Note: This coin is not listed on Binance for trade and service.

How popular is Kishu Inu?

Kishu Inu (KISHU) currently ranks 432 among all known cryptocurrency assets. The popularity is based on relative market cap.

Who owns Kishu Inu?

The total supply of KISHU tokens is 100 quadrillion. KISHU is owned wholly by the community of stakeholders and is developed and built by community volunteers.

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What is KISHU all time high?

Kishu Inu Price

Is KISHU bullish or bearish?

Based on data from January 14, 2023 at 12:58, the general Kishu Inu price prediction sentiment is neutral , with 20 technical analysis indicators signaling bullish signals, and 8 signaling bearish signals.

How many Kishu Inu holders are there?

How many Kishu Inu token holders are there? There are currently 257,607 addresses holding the Kishu Inu coin, with the top 100 KISHU holders holding 52.45% of the supply; the top 10 holders hold 36.41% of the supply.

What is the project of Kishu Inu?

Kishu Inu has an ecosystem that comprises a decentralized exchange, a dedicated NFT marketplace, and a liquidity pool. Users will also be able to earn Kishu Inu tokens from staking on the NFT platform. You can also use Kishu Inu to create new NFTs via the ecosystem. KISHU is the native token of this ecosystem.

Is Kishu Inu same as Shiba Inu?

The inspiration behind Kishu Inu was almost certainly the success of previous meme coins and tokens, including Dogecoin (CRYPTO:DOGE) and Shiba Inu (CRYPTO:SHIB). While those cryptocurrencies are both based on the Shiba Inu dog breed, Kishu Inu tweaked the formula a little by using the Kishu breed as its mascot.

Will Binance List Kishu Inu In 2022?

Is Kishu Inu burning coins?

Kishu Inu Background A fully deflationary token that will appreciate with every single successive transaction. $KISHU’s deflationary mechanisms include a burn and redistribution system. 1% of each transaction is burned, and 1% is distributed as rewards to holders.

When did Kishu Inu launch?

April 2021

Is Kishu Inu coming to Coinbase?

KISHU can be traded using Coinbase Wallet, your key to the world of crypto. KISHU is only available through Coinbase Wallet.

Is KISHU listed on Coinbase?

Mini Kishu is not supported by Coinbase.

Is Kishu Inu Ethereum based?

Kishu Inu is an ERC-20 based on the Ethereum network.


How many Kishu Inu coins are burned?

How many Kishu Inu coins are burned? 1% of each transaction is burned, and 1% is distributed as rewards to holders.

How to invest in Kishu Inu?

How to Buy Kishu Inu (KISHU) Guide

Which crypto exchange has Kishu Inu?

Currently, the best Kishu Inu exchange to buy KISHU is OKX, which saw $ 124,828 worth of Kishu Inu trading volume in the last 24 hours. However, you can also choose from other exchanges that list KISHU, such as gate.io, CoinEx, MEXC, Hotbit and Uniswap V2.

Where can buy Kishu Inu?

How to Buy Kishu Inu (KISHU)

Can you buy KISHU with BTC?

Using Kishu Inu’s exchange, which UniSwap powers, users can currently buy KISHU with Etheruem, Dai, USDC, USDT, Wrapped BTC, or Wrapped Ether.

Can Kishu Inu reach one cent?

Will the Shiba Inu coin reach 1 cent in 2021? Not in 2021, but it can in 2022. Right now I’m holding onto 9million and buying more every month. I’m positive it will reach 1 cent or even a dime in a few years.