What is Kromatika coin?

KROM is the utility token of the Kromatika Finance Dapp. Kromatika Finance is a decentralized trading protocol enabling crypto traders to execute limit orders by utilizing the powerful concentrated liquidity feature of Uniswap v3.

How to buy Kromatika crypto?

How to buy Kromatika

What is Arbitrum?

Arbitrum is a type of technology known as an optimistic rollup. It allows Ethereum smart contracts to scale by passing messages between smart contracts on the Ethereum main chain and those on the Arbitrum second layer chain.

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What is celer network?

Celer is a multi-blockchain operating system that enables interoperability between chains with its three offerings – The State Guardian Network, a blockchain that allows communication between blockchains. cBridge, a multi-blockchain asset bridge for cross-chain transfers and Layer2.

What is UniSwap v3?

UniSwap is a protocol that allows traders to swap Ethereum ERC20 tokens without using an order book. The swap rate is based on the demand for both tokens and the balances of the swapping pair. Traditional markets heavily rely on liquidity for their success.

How do you make money with Arbitrum?

How to Earn Yield On Arbitrum


Will Arbitrum have a coin?

Unlike other rollup networks, like Boba or Loopring, Arbitrum does not have a token. Offchain Labs claims the network does not need one, since all transactions on the sidechain are settled with ETH, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain.

What coins use Arbitrum?

What is the Arbitrum bridge? Users can use the Arbitrum Token Bridge to transfer ETH and ERC-20 Ethereum tokens to a layer 2 scaling solution called Arbitrum One.

Is CELR a good buy?

Yes definitely! Celer Network price will increase in the future! Celer Network is expected to cross the $0.5 mark by the year 2026, as per our technical analysis! With an increase in the value, the market cap for Celer Network will also increase in the future!

Kromatika Finance (KROM) – Revolutionizing DEXs of Crypto | 100X Hidden Altcoin Gem

Why is CELR increasing?

26 as its 24-hour trading volume spiked to $1.27 billion. Three reasons for the price rally in CELR are the release of the protocols cross-chain software cBridge, new integrations that have led to the expansion of its ecosystem and the increase in overall strength and demand for layer-two solutions.

Is CELR on Ethereum?

A CELR token is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is also the native token of the Celer Network that will be sold during the ICO.

What’s the difference between Uniswap v2 and v3?

Uniswap v2 introduced a 0.05% protocol fee which could be turned on/off. Uniswap v3 brings community governed flexibility through multiple fee tiers: 0.05% – expected for stablecoin pools like DAI/USDC. 0.30% – for standard non-correlated pools like ETH/DAI.


What is v1 and v2 in crypto?

In Uniswap v1 you can only swap between ETH and a single ERC20 token. Uniswap V2 uses Wrapped Ether (WETH) in core contracts. This enables to pool of any ERC20 token directly with any other ERC20 token.

How does Uniswap make money?

Uniswap essentially makes money in two separate ways: trading fees and the UNI token. Uniswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to swap tokens using liquidity provided by other users. Uniswap charges users a small fee whenever a trade is made.

How do you trade on Arbitrum?

How to swap on Arbitrum