What is MCB token?

It is an application installed on your mobile device that will allow you to authorise transactions without the need to carry a separate physical token.

How do I buy Mcdex?

How to buy MCDEX Token

Where can I buy MCB coins?

Where Can You Buy MCDEX (MCB)? MCB is available on FTX, BKEX, Uniswap (V3), PancakeSwap (V2) and LBank. Our most recent articles about MCDEX Token: Top 10 BNB Chain Projects in 2022.

MCDEX Token (MCB) Review

How use MCB soft token?

How do I setup and use the soft token on my mobile?

How do I use Mcdex?

Trading perpetual swaps on MCDEX is simple….After connecting your wallet, you are set for trading perpetual swap contracts on MCDEX.

How do I activate soft token?

Activate soft token

How to Buy MCDEX Token (MCB) Using UniSwap On Trust Wallet

Where can I trade perpetuals?

Perpetual swaps are available to trade through derivative exchanges such as OKEx, ByBit, and BitMEX.

How do you trade a trust wallet?

The steps are as follows:

What are dYdX perpetuals?

An Introduction to Perpetual Trading on dYdX Introduced by the centralized exchange BitMex, perpetuals, otherwise known as “perps”, are a type of derivative that allow traders to gain long or short exposure to a certain crypto asset.

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How do I use the soft token app?

The Soft Token code displayed on transaction screen. In the Enter the code field, enter the code appear on transaction screen. Click Continue to proceed to next screen….SOFT TOKEN APP

How do I register for hid approval?

Users can activate HID Approve (registering the banking service) using the following methods: Scanning a QR code with the application. Entering an Invite Code manually (for example, if the device does not have an activated camera) Using an activation URL (for HID Approve Microsoft Windows 10 only)

How do I get my token code?

Dial *737*7# Enter your USSD transaction PIN to receive your token code Token code is immediately displayed.

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How do I know my token number?

How to Retrieve/ Get the KPLC Token NumberDial *977# on your phone. Select Prepaid Services (Token)Select Latest Token. Select your Meter Number from the choices. The last three tokens for your selected Meter No. will be displayed.

What is a soft token device?

A soft token is a software-based security token that generates a single-use login PIN. Traditionally, a security token has been a hardware device that produces a new, secure and individual PIN for each use and displays it on a built-in LCD display.

What are crypto perpetuals?

Perpetual futures and perpetual swaps are derivative instruments that allow traders to buy and sell crypto without having to constantly roll over expiring contracts. They can also be used as short-term trading vehicles for leveraged trading to go long or short.