What is Pappay coin?

PAPPAY is a cryptocurrency that can be used for digital purchases and payments on the internet. PAPPAY is a payment tool that provides you with passive income.

What is Huskyx coin?

Huskyx is a token of the project Huskyx Finance that is built on the Binance Smart Chain. Binance Smart Chain is a blockchain network developed for running smart contract–based applications.

Is Metawar token tradeable?

MetaWars Market Overview MetaWars ranks 1812 by trading volume and is trading on 3 crypto exchanges. You can exchange MetaWars with 3 other cryptocurrencies.

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What kind of coin is ApeCoin?


What coin is ApeCoin?

ApeCoin (APE) is an ERC-20 token used within the APE ecosystem. ApeCoin is the ecosystem’s governance token, allowing ApeCoin holders to participate in ApeCoin DAO. ApeCoin will also be used to access games, merchandise, events, and services.

Which coin has the lowest supply?

YFI is a very low circulating supply cryptocurrency with a fixed supply of just 30,000 coins.

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What is SafeMoon Inu?

SafeMoon Inu is an ERC-20 crypto token issued on the Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH) blockchain. It has a maximum supply of 1 trillion SMI tokens. On every transaction using SMI tokens, SafeMoon Inu takes a 2% fee. It distributes the fee to all SMI holders as a reward.

What is husky token worth?

1 HOSKY = 0.0000000172 USD.

Has Metawar been listed on Binance?

MetaWars is pleased to announce our IDO on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


When was Metawar token launched?

It is built and developed by cryptocurrency enthusiasts such as David and Nancy. The core team of the project is from Japan and has many years of experience in JAVA and solidity. Development experience, the project will be developed in 2021 and will be officially launched in January 2022.

Is Metawar an NFT?

Metawars is a community-driven space which contains Sci-fi gaming experience and next-generation DeFi platform. Within the Metawars Ecosystem, Players can earn income and NFT rewards by trading, staking, gaming , and more are yet to come.

Should I invest in APE coin?

As a long-term investment, it is projected that ApeCoin could perform very well. According to predictions, the value of the APE coin could rise to $10 by the end of 2022, $14 in 2023, and achieve a mean price of $22 by 2025.

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Which crypto will boom in 2022?

Ethereum tops the list of the next cryptocurrencies to explode in 2022 because of the sustainability of its blockchain technology and promising outlook. Today, Ethereum is the largest smart contract platform.

Is it good to invest in ApeCoin?

Is ApeCoin a safe investment? Investing in ApeCoin is safe as a cryptocurrency but it also carries risks of volatility. It’s also highly advisable to invest in cryptocurrencies such as ApeCoin on a regulated platform like Coinbase or eToro.

How high can ape coin go?

According to the technical analysis of ApeCoin prices expected in 2023, the minimum cost of ApeCoin will be $7.04. The maximum level that the APE price can reach is $8.50. The average trading price is expected around $7.30.