What is safex Cash?

Safex Cash describes itself as a mineable proof-of-work coin that is used as a medium of exchange in the marketplace. It has an emission curve that follows the rate of adoption of new technologies. Safex Cash also uses stealth address and ring signatures, which makes it a privacy coin.

What is SFX crypto?

Welcome to Safex Safex is a community driven technology platform that powers cryptocurrency mining of Safex Cash (SFX), the crypto community token Safex Token (SFT) and the decentralized marketplace application, a global catalog of user driven online stores.

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What is Xcalibra?

Xcalibra is a cryptocurrency exchange that launched in August 2019. This platform supports trading in a quite limited number of cryptos: BTC, ETH, SFX, SFT and RSD.

How much is Safex?

About Safex Token Safex Token’s price today is US$0.002801, with a 24-hour trading volume of $0.2732. SFT is -6.98% in the last 24 hours.

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How do I get safex tokens?

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How do I purchase SFT?

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What is the limit of SFT transaction?

Receipt of cash payment exceeding Rs. 2 lakh for sale, by any person, of goods or services of any nature (other than those specified at Sl. Nos. 1 to Any person who is liable for audit under section 44AB of the Act.

What is SFT transaction in Form 26AS?

SFT in Form 26AS:- The new concept of SFT is added recently by the Income tax department. Full form of SFT is Statement of Financial Transactions. The prime purpose of tracking and including SFT in form 26AS is curbing black money.

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Who needs to file SFT?

Every reporting person is required to submit the Statement of Financial Transaction (SFT) in Form No. 61A. The prescribed schema, Report Generation and Validation Utility for Form No. 61A and Generic Submission Utility can be downloaded from the reporting portal under the “Resources” tab.

What is SFT transaction in 26AS time deposit?

SFT transactions incurred by you will be reported by the respective reporting entities to the IT department. In case your 26AS incorporates these transactions, you simply need to ensure that the income related to those transactions has been duly offered to tax / accounted for.