What is SmartCredit io?

SmartCredit.io is a peer-to-peer lending platform for direct interactions between P2P customers. This means there are no intermediaries who charge you fees, unlike with the conventional approaches of fiat-money banking.

Who owns SmartCredit?


Is SmartCredit com free?

SmartCredit offers two membership levels: basic and premium. The basic membership is currently priced at $19.95 per month and comes with two monthly updates to your credit report and score and unlimited access to the ScoreTracker, ScoreBuilder, ScoreBoost, Credit Monitoring, and Money Manager.

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Where is SmartCredit located?

SmartCredit.com is located in Irvine, California, United States .

How do I cancel my SmartCredit account?

You may cancel your Membership at any time by (1) using our Notice of Cancellation form below, or (2) log in to your account, or (3) call our customer service at (800) 599-5526. THIS AGREEMENT HAS AN ARBITRATION CLAUSE AND A CLASS ACTION WAIVER.

How do I check my SmartCredit balance?

How to Check your Smart Prepaid Load Balance and Subscriptions

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What is the SmartCredit app?

SmartCredit® helps you control your credit score, money and identity in one place. Easily see what’s helping or hurting your credit score and get a personalized plan to make it better, so you can qualify for loans with the best rates, as quickly as possible.

What credit bureau does SmartCredit use?

Which Credit Bureau data is the Smart Credit Report® using? The data for the Smart Credit Report® is derived from TransUnion®.

Is SmartCredit score accurate?

SmartCredit is as accurate as the information on your credit bureau reports. Only you can tell if the information is incorrect or incomplete. SmartCredit offers access to all three credit reports, which is a huge benefit if you want to ensure all the information used by creditors is accurate.

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Does SmartCredit affect credit score?

Checking your credit or scores, as often as you like, will NOT lower any of your scores or affect your credit in any way.

How often does SmartCredit update?

Your transactions, instant statements, and trends are updated every 24 hours. Verify transactions are yours and not theft. Stop theft with the action button. Receive Alerts when payments are due.

How does crypto lending and borrowing work?

A crypto loan is a type of secured loan in which your crypto holdings are used as collateral in exchange for liquidity from a lender that you’ll pay back in installments. As long as you make your payments and pay the loan amount in full, you get your crypto back at the end of the loan term.

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How do you use crypto lending?

To apply for a crypto loan, users will need to sign up for a centralized lending platform (such as BlockFi) or connect a digital wallet to a decentralized lending platform (such as Aave). Next, users will select the collateral to be deposited, as well as the type of loan and amount desired to borrow.

What is Blockchain lending?

Without middlemen, blockchain provides lenders with competitive loan offers and secure transactions. Blockchain-based smart contracts ensure that both loan seekers and lenders agree to fair and feasible terms regarding things like proof-of-funds and payment planning.

What are the risks of crypto lending?

Risks Associated With Crypto Lending