What is X2Y2 daily volume?

The live X2Y2 price today is $0.19 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $103.28 USD. The table above accurately updates our X2Y2 price in real time. The price of X2Y2 is down -0.62% since last hour, down -6.97% since yesterday.

What is the difference between OpenSea and X2Y2?

Furthermore, one of the main differentiating factors between OpenSea and X2Y2 is that OpenSea does not have its own token. However, OpenSea is likely to go public and have an IPO (initial public offering) in the future. This in turn would make them reluctant to launch their own crypto coin.

How does X2Y2 make money?

Currently, around 90% of all NFT sales happen on OpenSea. Fee Collection: OpenSea’s 2.5% transaction fees (on buying or selling) go directly to their developers. X2Y2 on the other hand shares the fee profit through a “Rewards” system across its user base. The users earn rewards for staking their X2Y2 tokens.

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Is X2Y2 safe?

tl;dr – x2y2 is safe trade and stake. The biggest risk is in approving your NFTs for trading, which can be mitigated (see tweet 10/). Platform is live and functional, but isn’t *yet* a better alternative to existing solutions.

How do I claim X2Y2 airdrop?

Don’t forget to join our exclusive KwikTrust airdrop!…Step-by-Step Guide:

Is X2Y2 decentralized?

Launched on January 28, 2022, X2Y2 is a decentralized NFT marketplace. Users can use X2Y2 to buy and sell NFTs, for bulk listing, batch purchasing, receiving real-time notifications and viewing rarities of NFTs.

x2y2 NFT marketplace on Ethereum

What is the selling fee on X2Y2?

Platform fee: A flat 0.5% fee on the amount paid for any item sold on X2Y2.

Does X2Y2 have royalties?

Updating royalty rate on X2Y2 are processed every 5 minutes. However it may take up to 30 minutes for the system to update the royalty fee after setting up. After the royalty fee is updated, new listings will generate the royalty fee in realtime.

Does X2Y2 have no creator fees?

X2Y2 has now removed its flexible royalty feature that allowed traders to choose whether or not to pay creator fees. Announcing its decision on Twitter, X2Y2 wrote: “Code is law, and we respect the law. An hour ago, X2Y2 removed the ‘Flexible Royalty’ setting for all new listings of NFTs with OperatorFilter.

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Where can I sell my X2Y2?

There are more than 11 crypto exchanges on which you can trade X2Y2. The top exchange by buy/sell volume for the last 24h is Uniswap V2 with weth trading pair.

How to buy X2Y2?

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How do I claim airdrop X2Y2?

Visit the X2Y2 webiste. Connect your ETH wallet. If you’re eligible, then you will get an airdrop popup showing the number of tokens you’re eligible to claim and the number of NFTs you need to list to claim the airdrop. Based on your eligible amount, you need to list the required number of NFTs to claim the rewards.

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How is crypto daily volume calculated?

Volume is the cumulative sum of crypto being bought and sold on the market; for example, if $200 billion in BTC is traded daily, the daily volume of BTC is $200 billion.

How do you read daily volume?

Volume typically appears at the bottom of a stock price chart as vertical bars that represent how many shares changed hands over time. Days with higher-than-usual volume usually have large, volatile changes in price and indicate something is happening with the stock.

What is the best NFT to buy on OpenSea?

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